Teaching Mathematics in Primary Schools 2nd Edition
Teaching Mathematics in Primary Schools 2nd edition

Teaching Mathematics in Primary Schools
moves beyond traditional lock-step approaches to teaching mathematics to emphasise how students can learn to think mathematically in a technology-rich society.

Based on international research, the book focuses on learning outcomes and the general principles that underlie educational practices. Current approaches to mathematics education are explained and critiqued, and insights into why some students have difficulties with mathematics are provided. Teachers are shown how to encourage their students to develop deep learning in mathematics, and to relate mathematics to the rest of the curriculum.

The authors examine the philosophy behind mathematics and its impact on curriculum design, the history of learning outcomes, and theories on how students learn mathematics. They present the key areas of mathematics teaching in detail: number, chance and data, measurement, space, and algebra. In each area, the emphasis is on problem-solving. Finally, they discuss practical classroom issues such as developing students' capacity to think mathematically, broad approaches to teaching mathematics, planning for a whole school approach to mathematics, diversity and access, and assessment, reporting and evaluation. Practical classroom activities are included throughout.

New material on numeracy, early numbers and fractions has been added to this second edition. It also now covers issues in teaching mathematics in the middle years of schooling.

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ISBN: 9781741757231
RRP: $55.00
Format: Paperback 230mm x 171mm
Extent: 400pp
Publication date: July 2011

'There are many books available in the marketplace with a title like this one; the difference, however, is that this book looks at the "whole picture" of mathematics teaching…This is an outstanding book: it should be high on the list of any primary school teacher's set of references and a required text for pre-service teachers.'
—Kath Truran, in Australian Primary Mathematics Classroom

'Every chapter reeks of intellectual integrity, a strong knowledge of pertinent research literatures, and the wisdom of practice.'
—Professor Ken Clements, co-founder of the Mathematics Education Research Group of Australasia (MERGA)